4 Ways of Pest-Proofing Your Home During Rainy Weather

27 May 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


When the skies open and rain starts to pour, pests, just like humans, will need a place to shelter. This is why you may notice a higher number of infestations during the rainy season. Having rats, slugs, ants, and other pests inside your home when it rains can be annoying and dangerous. Luckily, you can prevent an infestation by proactively carrying out the following steps.

1. Start by inspecting the boundaries of your home

Pests just don't magically appear inside your home. They gain access through cracked walls, damaged fixtures, plumbing and other weak spots. An inspection of your home's indoor and outdoor space can help keep the pests out when it begins to rain. Consider sealing cracks in walls, floors, and windows. If you have any blocked drains or leaking pipes, have a plumber fix those drainage issues. Leaking water creates pools of moisture that insects love.

You should also pay extra attention to potential hot spots inside your home. For example, the kitchen, attic and basement are common areas where pests tend to hide. Ensure these parts of the home are properly sealed and free of clutter. A professional inspection is also an excellent way of identifying entry points or existing infestations before they become worse.

2. Remove stagnant pools of water

When it begins to rain, you may notice pools of water forming outside your home. Such pools tend to be used by mosquitoes and other pests as breeding grounds. Walk around your yard and remove any trash that may be present. Furthermore, drain shallow pools of water that may form along uneven ground. Cutting long grass can also help limit the number of pests outside your home.

3. Avoid leaving food out

If you're used to leaving dishes sitting in the sink, now would be the time to keep up with cleaning duties. Dirty dishes are easily accessed by cockroaches, ants, rodents, and other pests while you're asleep. Make sure you scrape all food particles into a sealed trash bag and wash any dirty dishes before going to sleep.

4. Take out the trash

Open trash bags with fresh food are a treasure trove for rodents. When it's raining outside, such pests will try to enter your home so they can get free meals and a warm place to sleep. Avoid creating a welcoming environment for rodents by sealing all trash bags and taking them outside as soon as possible. Furthermore, make sure your outside trash cans are covered at all times.

For more information, contact a local pest control company.