The Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Busy People

1 June 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Many people love adding a bit of foliage to their properties. But with lots of plants requiring continuous care, not all options are suitable for those leading a busy lifestyle. Next time you head to a plant nursery, here are some of the best low-maintenance plants to choose from.

Aloe Vera

When you're looking for a plant that requires little watering, aloe vera is a top choice. They can withstand long spells without watering. Depending on the time of year, you may only need to water yours every one to two weeks. Additionally, they grow well in both hot and cold conditions. As such, you won't need to worry about central heating or using a propagator when the winter months roll in. Be careful not to over-water them, as too much water can result in the leaves rotting.

Spider Plant

When you don't want to put much thought at all into growing a plant, a spider plant is a way forward. Unlike other plants, they'll grow in almost any type of soil. Because of this, when you need to re-pot yours into a larger plant pot you don't need to pay much attention to what you're using. Spider plants also give clear signals when you're not watering them enough. If the leaves start to turn yellow, they require more hydration. Even better still, a dehydrated spider plant is easy to recover, so you won't need to spend money on growing a new one. 


Having a low-maintenance plant doesn't mean you need to forgo flowers. The Kalanchoe plant is a succulent that flowers throughout the year, allowing you to bring a burst of colour to any room you place it in. It presents a variety of colours too, offering you enough choices to complement your home's decor. As one of the first plants to be sent into space and survive, it's clear that the Kalanchoe can survive most conditions.


It's hard to know just how well to hydrate some plants. As a result, if you give them too much they can soon wither away and die. Fortunately, the fiscus with its glossy leaves tolerates water overload well. Thanks to its rich colours, it can look majestic in almost any setting. It does well in low-light conditions too, making it ideal for use in smaller properties without much natural light.

Next time you visit a plant nursery, don't forget to ask for advice on the types of plants you can grow without much input.