Four Features of Security Doors That Help Protect Homeowners

30 June 2023
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Safeguarding homes from burglary, vandalism and other unwanted incidents, such as bushfires, security doors offer much more protection than standard doors. With advances in technology and materials, modern products offer much more than a simple barrier to entry. If you are considering having new exterior doors fitted to your home and would like to know which sort of security features will add value to your choice, then read on.

Modern Materials

To begin with, the use of high-quality materials is at the heart of any effective security window or door these days. Steel and aluminium alloys are commonly used today because they offer superior strength and durability than wood or uPVC, for example. Modern metal alloys can withstand harsh weather conditions without rusting. What's more, they will resist attempts at forced entry, ensuring the door maintains its protective function even long after it has been installed. Furthermore, advances in manufacturing processes mean that materials chosen for their durability can be aesthetically pleasing as well. As a result, homeowners can secure their homes without compromising on style.

Superior Locks

Secondly, the types of security doors manufactured in Australia today often come equipped with multi-point locking systems. Unlike traditional door locks that are secured at a single point, multi-point locks will typically anchor a door at the top, the bottom and several places at the side. This means that they are much, much harder to prise away from their respective door frames. This feature will deter burglars who will usually notice multi-point locks and give up before they even make an attempt to get past.

Reinforced Frames

Security doors are also supplied with frames that are designed to help prevent unwarranted entry. Usually made from sturdy materials that match the door, security frames add an extra layer of protection. Not only is it harder to wedge something between a frame and a door to gain leverage but security frames are usually anchored much more deeply into the wall, making them virtually impossible to remove from the outside.

Tamper-Proof Hardware

Lastly, many security doors now come with hinges and other hardware that are designed to resist attempts to tamper with them. Hinges are often targeted by intruders because they're usually on the outside and seen as a weak point. Tamper-proof hinges are designed to prevent vandalism and come as an enclosed unit that is hard to access. Likewise, other door hardware you might choose, such as deadbolts, letterboxes and door handles, will also be supplied in tamper-resistant formats.

Reach out to a local security doors supplier to learn more.