Two situations in which homeowners should rent multiple self-storage units

26 September 2022
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Here are two situations in which homeowners should rent multiple self-storage units. They need to put a mixture of high-value and lower-value items from their home into a storage facility If a homeowner needs to put a mixture of high-value items (like expensive jewellery and artwork) and lower-value items (like decorating supplies, gardening tools, etc.) from their home in a storage facility, they should consider putting the former in one unit and the latter in a second unit. Read More 

The Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Busy People

1 June 2022
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Many people love adding a bit of foliage to their properties. But with lots of plants requiring continuous care, not all options are suitable for those leading a busy lifestyle. Next time you head to a plant nursery, here are some of the best low-maintenance plants to choose from. Aloe Vera When you're looking for a plant that requires little watering, aloe vera is a top choice. They can withstand long spells without watering. Read More 

Three Landscaping Ideas to Consider for Your Garden

24 February 2022
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While lush greenery and colourful flowers create a beautiful backyard, you can enhance the space further with landscaping products. Here are three ideas to consider. Garden Edging One possibility is to edge your garden beds with stone or brick pavers. You could lay rectangular slate pavers edge to edge, adding a contrasting material to the plants and soil. If you want to highlight the stone's texture, lay the pavers on their end so the border is more prominent. Read More