Two situations in which homeowners should rent multiple self-storage units

26 September 2022
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Here are two situations in which homeowners should rent multiple self-storage units.

They need to put a mixture of high-value and lower-value items from their home into a storage facility

If a homeowner needs to put a mixture of high-value items (like expensive jewellery and artwork) and lower-value items (like decorating supplies, gardening tools, etc.) from their home in a storage facility, they should consider putting the former in one unit and the latter in a second unit. The reason for this is that whilst there is almost nowhere safer to store high-value items than a storage unit (due to the fact that these units are generally climate-controlled, highly secure and very sanitary), these objects could still get damaged if they're stored in a unit with other items.

For example, if a person takes all of the artwork out of their home and puts in it a storage unit with their collection of renovation supplies, there is still a chance that the former could get damaged by the latter. If for instance, they accidentally drop a bucket of paint whilst they're removing it from a shelf in the unit and the bucket splits open, the paint from it could splatter onto the expensive sculpture they've placed nearby. As such, if they want to virtually guarantee that the higher-value items they put into a storage facility stay in perfect condition, they should put them into one unit and put other items, that have the potential to cause a big mess or to be slightly hazardous, into a separate unit in the same facility.

They need to store items belonging to several household members in the same storage facility

If a homeowner needs to put items that belong to multiple members of their family in the same storage facility, then they might be better off renting several storage units, rather than just one. This would allow them to store each person's belongings in a separate unit.

This could be worthwhile if, for example, one of their teenagers wants to put their record collection in the unit, but they're concerned that their older sibling might visit the unit, to pick up a few of their own belongings, and then borrow some of these records without their brother or sister's permission. Having separate units for each person could prevent the arguments that could come with everyone having access to the same unit and, therefore, each other's belongings.

Renting several units could also make it easier for everyone in the household to locate their items when they need them, as they wouldn't need to go through their relatives' belongings in the same unit, in order to find their own possessions. 

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