Outdoor Blinds: Three Material Options to Consider for Your Home

7 February 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you are thinking about improving your residential space, you should consider installing outdoor blinds in your home. These important features will improve the aesthetics of your house and the outdoor space. This is an ideal solution if you would like to make the alfresco spaces in the property more versatile. In addition, the outdoor blinds are ideal for improving privacy, UV protection, and light control. When shopping for your new blinds, it is crucial for you to evaluate and compare different materials. This will determine the cost of purchase, blinds durability and general performance. Here are the best material options for high quality outdoor blinds.

Plastic Blinds

The popularity of plastic outdoor blinds can be attributed to their low cost. In general, these products are made from PVC which is widely available and easy to manufacture. Despite the low price, the blinds are strong and perform well because the material is not susceptible to weather damage or rot. Moreover, the blinds are easy to clean; this is important because they will be exposed to dust. When looking for the perfect products, you should explore different colours, designs and patterns to match the style of your home. Unfortunately, plastic blinds are not extremely durable, and the surfaces might become faded due to sun exposure.

Aluminium Blinds

Outdoor aluminium blinds are great with regard to their visual appeal. The clean metallic lines will complement contemporary residential styles. You can install plain aluminium blinds for a minimalist look or powder coat the surfaces for a unique look. These metallic blinds are also quite durable and resilient. They are not prone to corrosion, so the exposure to the external environment will not cause accelerated degradation. However, you should note that the blinds might become distorted if they are exposed to high mechanical impact. In addition, the cost of purchasing these products is relatively high.

Timber Blinds

Timber outdoor blinds have a timeless look, so they are suitable for both modern and even older traditional style houses. When you install these products, you will significantly boost the general appeal of your home. In addition, timber blinds are strong, so they are not susceptible to breakage or distortion. On the other hand, wood is vulnerable to damage when exposed to moisture. Therefore, you should ensure that the timber is treated, sealed and maintained appropriately to prevent degradation. If you would like a lower maintenance but attractive alternative, consider installing bamboo outdoor blinds.