How You Can Treat Your Windows to Beat the Heat This Summer

14 September 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


It's spring time in Australia, meaning that the hot summer days are just around the corner. As an Australian home owner, you probably know that your air conditioning equipment will be busiest during summer, meaning that your electricity bills will be hitting the roof. But what if you could do something to lower your summer air conditioning costs this time round?

The windows in your home are designed to facilitate entry of natural light and fresh air into your living space. However, they can also be a source significant energy wastage in the home. But how? When left uncovered or untreated, windows can allow a significant amount of solar heat to be transmitted into the home, increasing the need for the air conditioner's cooling service, which in turn, causes domestic energy bills to drastically go up. Luckily, there is an extensive range of solutions to this problem.

Here is a look at some popular window coverings or treatments that can be used to minimise summer heat gain in the home.

  1. Window blinds: they are made of louvres that let in sunlight when tilt open and close to block the light and provide privacy. The louvres are angled slats fixed at regular intervals in a window to allow light or air from outside to enter into a room or home, and they can come in various types of materials, including wood, aluminium or vinyl.
  2. Window shades: they can be rolled up to allow sunlight or air into the home and rolled down to provide sun shade and privacy. Unlike window blinds, window shades are made of a solid length of fabric. Blinds are available in a wide range of cloth materials and designs including roller shades, pleated shades and Roman shades.
  3. Window awnings: they can be installed in the interiors or exteriors of the windows depending on the functions that they serve. When sun shade and protection of the windows from harsh weather elements such as hailstones is required, then exterior windows would be a perfect choice. However, for home owners looking to make an interior design statement with their awnings while still enjoying sun shade, interior windows awnings would be an ideal choice. Window awnings usually require a separate support frame.

All of the above-highlight window coverings can offer some level of protection against summer heat transmission into the home. Feel free to talk to the window treatment experts working at Somfy if you need help choosing the best product for your home. These specialists understand that there are many different types of window treatments available for you to choose from, hence making the right choice can be an overwhelming task. They will consider your home's specific requirements and help you choose the best product.