Privacy Made Pretty: Stylish Approaches to Outdoor Privacy in a Suburban Home

18 September 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Outdoor privacy can be the most difficult thing to achieve for the suburban homeowner. This is because homes are very close to each other and it's often difficult to enjoy your yard with a little privacy.

Although a hulking brick wall will do the trick, there are stylish alternatives that not only offer privacy but also let in light and views.

Translucent panels

Privacy doesn't need to be boring. If you're looking to block your neighbour's view but still would like light to pass through, translucent panels can be highly effective.  You can use custom decorative panels to create some interesting outdoor living focal points with privacy screens.

Slatted screening

Slatted screening offers a contemporary take to an outdoor space when it comes to providing a feeling of seclusion while blocking views from neighboring homes.

The slatted screens can adapt in height and width to suit your privacy needs. Screening can also create a patterned theme that will make your outdoor space interesting while creating a little visual distance from the outside world.

Wooden lattice

It can be challenging to come up with creative and aesthetically pleasing ways of keeping your outdoor space in a suburban home out of the view from neighbours. However, lattice offers a stylish way to keep your light and your privacy.

Lattice also offers the perfect spot to grow those climbing plants you've always wanted. Other than filling the gaps in the lattice, vegetation also adds charm and character to your space.

Laser-cut metal screens

Artistic screens made of laser cut metal create an extraordinary garden wall that offers a dramatic space without you feeling on display. With the right height, laser-cut metal provides privacy to your outdoor space.

Adding strategic lighting will make you appreciate the shadows cast by the metal screens in the evening.

Horizontal trellis

Have you thought of stylish ways of blocking the view of those neighbours towering over you? Horizontally oriented louvres provide some overhead enclosure and privacy while filtering in the light.

Raised planters

Greening a low concrete or brick wall can go a long way towards screening your outdoor space. With raised planters, you will not have to wait for several years before you can stop waving at your neighbours every time you want to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Any glass like plant will solve your backyard privacy dilemma while still letting in light.  

Paneled fencing

Rather than a traditional fence, consider freestanding panels to selectively screen the view from adjacent buildings while still allowing light into your space.