How to Add Function and Style to Your Home's Staircase

21 September 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


You may not give much thought as to the function and style of your home's staircase, but the stairs of your home can be the centrepiece of entryway, and can add lots of personality to your space. You might also want to consider how well they function for you, as steps that are too steep or too narrow can be downright unsafe, especially for those with balance issues. Note a few tips on adding both style and function to your home's staircase, so that they add some visual interest to the home but are also as safe and practical as possible.

Add a landing

If the stairs of your home seem too steep, consider adding a landing and turning the staircase. A landing is a separate platform that connects two separate flights of stairs, so that one section can turn or curve. By adding this landing, you can make the steps wider without having the staircase itself take up much more of a footprint. The landing also provides a place for adding decorative items such as a houseplant, so that the stairs don't look so dull and have a more attractive appearance overall.

Make it floating

A floating staircase is open, and without anything under the stairs themselves. This type of staircase can keep a home's entryway from looking closed-in and dark, and allow more light to pass through spaces that would otherwise be blocked off by the stairs.

Floating stairs can also allow you to widen the steps themselves, without the space looking even more crowded and cramped. Consider carefully the material you use for the steps, as they will be more noticeable in a floating staircase; opt for a rich wood material or even a bright metal for something unique.

Make it modern

Many residential staircases are built with wood that is cheap and affordable, such as oak or pine. This can make the stairs seem very dull and drab, and not at all unique. To bring in some personality, make the stairs modern with stainless steel railings and glass panels as balusters to support the railing.

Glass steps are also very modern and sleek; since they become virtually invisible, you can make them wider and safer without making your home's entryway feel crowded. Be sure you add some lights or other contrast to the front of the treads so that you can still see them easily, and add even more style to the glass panels with oversized connectors that reflect light and make them very unique and personal.