Interior Design: Which Fabric is Perfect for Your Custom Curtains?

23 September 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


When ordering custom made curtains to enhance your interior design, you must select the best material for your home. The choice of material will affect the appearance of the product after installation over the window. Also, this aspect will determine the durability of your new custom drapes and the ease of cleaning and maintenance. If you are uncertain about the right fabric for your window treatments, consider this short discussion on the most popular options:

Silk and Faux Silk

If you are looking for luxurious custom curtains, you should think about choosing silk as your fabric. This material creates curtains with a formal appearance which lends a romantic ambiance in living rooms and bedrooms. This ideal look can be attributed to the smooth texture and natural draping flow. However, you should note that silk is an expensive fabric to purchase and maintain. If you love the appearance of silk but are uncomfortable with the price tag and maintenance demands, consider faux silk. This alternative is more hardwearing, easier to launder and cheaper.


Custom linen curtains are suitable for your home if you are interested in drapes without block-out properties. In simple terms, silk allows natural light to flow into the living space. The billowy nature of linen has a casual and airy feel while still maintaining an elegant tailored look. This material is an excellent choice if you would like to complement your contemporary interior design. You should note that linen is prone to wrinkling, so your linen curtains must be hanged immediately after laundering.


If you are interested in curtains with insulation or block-out properties, you should consider using velvet for your tailored drapes. This fabric is considerably thick which improves window insulation and sunlight blockage. The weight nature of the material also offers a polished look which is favourable for formal spaces. If you would like to design a traditional dining room or a regal bedroom, velvet will contribute significantly to your efforts. When ordering velvet curtains, you should remember to purchase complementary heavy-duty rods.


Cotton is not an exceptionally fancy material for tailored curtains. However, this fabric has exceptional performance properties and a beautiful appearance. The crisp and clean drape of the fabric will complement both modern and traditional interior spaces. Also, you can choose tightly woven or sheer material if you would like block-out or airy curtains respectively. When shopping for this versatile fabric, you should check the composition, blend and quality for the best results.