Questions to Ask When Getting a Glass Shower Screen

3 October 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


A glass shower screen can open up a home's bathroom and make the space look larger; the screen can even reflect light, so a dark and dull bathroom may seem brighter and cleaner when you have a glass shower screen installed. Since there are so many options for such screens, note a few questions you might ask your manufacturer and installer about your choices, so you know you're happy with your bathroom space for as long as you own your home.

Ask if they will have U channels

A U channel is a metal bracket that goes across the bottom or side of the screen, and it may be included with some frameless screens, to protect the edge of the glass. If you're looking for a completely open look to your shower screen, and don't want any metal around the edges, ask if a frame will include this U channel. Shop for a frame without this piece for the cleanest and most modern look, if that's what you prefer for your bathroom space.

Ask how to keep the glass from looking cloudy

Over time, some glass shower screens might seem a bit cloudy or dull. This often happens when you use the wrong cleansers on the screen, when you don't clean them often enough, and especially when your home has hard water that is full of caustic metals. Using cleansers that will etch the glass or not rinse away easily can also cause it to become cloudy and dull or make it look streaky. In all cases, ask how to avoid this, and note the recommended cleaning supplies you should use with your new glass shower screen, so it always looks its best.

Ask what hardware is needed

When shopping different styles of glass shower screens, always ask the hardware that will be needed with each. Sliding doors will need a type of rack at the top, and usually a bar or handle to hold while sliding the door. Pivot doors will typically also need a bar or handle of some sort, and hinges for the pivot. Without a U channel, mentioned above, some doors may need a track on the bottom for sliding, or to work as a stopper so the door only opens in one direction. You need to know the hardware required for each style of door, so you know which style is the best for your space, and so you can choose the right hardware for matching the towel bars and other accessories in the bathroom.