How to Make a Big Move Easier on You

24 January 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


For someone who lives in a small apartment and who doesn't own much needs to move, moving can be simple and easy for them, but a relocation can become much more complicated and difficult if you have a large home that is filled from top to bottom. Hiring a removalist can help, but note a few additional tips that will help make the move as easy as possible, especially if you're thinking of handling a move by yourself.

Get a skip bin

Purging your unused and unnecessary items before a move can help reduce the number of items you'll actually need to transport, and getting a skip bin for the day of the move can help you purge even more! If you have a hard time parting with certain items, even though you don't really need them, but then realize the work involved in packing them into the truck, a skip bin on your property can be a good choice. You can then simply toss those items into the bin rather than even attempting to pack them, reducing the work and effort needed to transport all your things.

Use proper packing materials

Trying to pack your items into old boxes that are thin and worn, or use tape that is not meant to hold the weight of packing boxes, can mean accidents during the move. Proper packing materials, including hanging garment bags and sectioned boxes with inserts that will help sort and protect items like glassware, will make it easier to pack your items and easier to carry them in and out of a truck. This will also ensure they're free of damage once you arrive at your new home.

Use a storage unit

It's good to keep items organized even after they're packed and before your scheduled move, so you can access something you've packed away. However, these items can easily get underfoot and get in the way before your move day arrives. A storage unit can allow you to pack up items well before your moving day, and keep them out of the way. You can even take your time to put items into the storage unit, so that you're not rushed and stressed; every day you might pack just one box of items you won't need before your move, put the box in your car, and then make a quick trip to the storage unit while running errands or on the way home from the office. Your actual moving day will then be much less stressful overall.