How to Ensure Your Tree Seedlings Thrive

24 March 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Are you planning to plant some tree seedlings in your garden? Read on and discover some essential tips which will ensure that those seedlings get established and thrive once you plant them in your garden.

Know the Enemy

One of the things that you should do after planting the tree seedlings is to conduct regular scouting. Frequent scouting will enable you to detect pests and diseases early before they cause irreparable damage to the seedlings. You can then take the necessary measures to combat those threats so that they don't hinder the growth of your trees.

Maintain Hygiene

Sanitation is very important if you want your tree seedlings to grow into trees without any major setbacks. Make sure that your garden is free from weeds. Weeds can harbour pests and microorganisms (fungi, bacteria and viruses) which can threaten the health of your seedlings. Weed regularly so that you prevent the problems which could originate from the unsanitary conditions close to the seedlings.

Water Carefully

It is good to water the seedlings frequently so that they don't dry out. However, the way you water those plants can turn out to be problematic if it isn't done carefully. For example, watering late in the evening may cause the leaves to remain wet for most of the night. This can give pathogens, such as fungi, a chance to thrive and cause diseases to your seedlings. Avoid such problems by watering the plants at a time when the leaves will dry quickly to forestall the growth of microbes in that moist environment.

Pay Attention to Airflow

Many of the threats to your seedlings can be avoided if you ensure that there is sufficient airflow around those plants. For example, poor airflow can prevent the leaves and the stems of the seedlings from drying after you have watered them. Prolonged wetness promotes the growth of disease-conditions. Make sure that the seedlings are appropriately spaced. Reduce or remove any other foliage or plants which can reduce the airflow around the tree seedlings.

Each tree species may have specific requirements that one must adhere to after planting those seedlings in the garden. Talk to the tree nursery operator about the trees which you are interested in growing. That professional will give you the applicable guidelines for growing those trees. Consult him or her each time you face a challenge so that appropriate action can be taken to remedy the situation in a timely manner.