4Things to Look For When Selecting a Shade Sail For Your Home

13 June 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Shade sails are an important structure, especially in sunny conditions. If you need desirable shelter from the sun when you are outdoors, think about getting one for your home. However, before you purchase shade sails, you should know the qualities they should have. The following are tips that will help you select an appropriate shade sail for your residence.

Strong Fabric

Shade sails are made from different materials, and you should select the strongest for longevity. Durable materials will not only withstand turbulent wind but also last long. Some are made from PVC while others are built from canvas. If you choose either of the two, ensure that it is top quality. If you stay around coastal regions of Australia, you must consider the windy weather when making your selection.

Resistance to the Sun

The PVC or canvas material should be able to stop UV rays from penetrating the sail. The essential role of a shade sail is to ensure that your skin is protected from harmful rays. Ensure that you get a material that is specially made to seal off any dangerous rays and only allow the beneficial ones. You can inquire from the manufacturers more about the shade sail you are about to purchase if you have no idea of its inherent features.

Should Allow Air Circulation

Apart from protecting you from the scorching sun, the shade sail should also allow free circulation of air on your porch, balcony or verandah. This means that the fabric should be light enough to let you enjoy the cool breeze. You can inquire about how tightly woven the fabric used to make your shade sail is. Ask the suppliers to show you different materials to ensure you get a shade sail that still allows air circulation.

Easy Installation

The best shade is one that is easy to erect. This will save you the cost of hiring individuals to place it for you. You should also be able to shift its position to favour your needs. If you have no time to do the installation by yourself, the service may still be offered by the company selling it to you.

Once you have installed your shade sail, you must read the user manual to learn the best ways to clean and maintain it. It is necessary to know how often it needs to be washed and the cleaning materials that can be used.