3 Tricks To Handle The Stress Of Moving Day With Small Kids

30 July 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


The day you have to move from one house to another is stressful enough, and it gets even harder when you have small kids. Parenting is tough enough on regular days; so, when everyone is stressed with completing tasks before you move, emotions run high and you (or they) end up panicking. Here are some tricks to help you handle the stress of moving day with small kids.

1. Start Planning Ahead Of Time

You need to start planning for the move well ahead of time especially when it comes to packing all items. You can't start packing on the day of the move, so it makes sense to start getting items ready ahead of time. Block off rooms that are not in use and place packed boxes there one at a time so that they are ready for the removalists on moving day. Allow your kids to pack their own items, so they don't panic and feel confused at the sight of boxes inside the house. If your removalist offers storage, it may be a good idea to get a few items out of the house slowly so that your kids don't feel threatened by everything going at once on moving day.

2. Consider Moving When The Kids Are Elsewhere

If you want to reduce your moving stress, you may want to choose a day to get to your new house when your kids are in school or daycare. This allows you the freedom to focus on getting everything into the removalist's truck without your attention being directed towards your kids – causing you to forget some things in the process. Make sure you have a proper plan in place regarding dropping them and picking them up – especially if you intend to take them straight to your new house.

3. Get Professional Removalists To Assist With Moving

There's no point in trying to do everything on your own to save a few dollars because you may end up spending more if your items are not properly packed and get damaged on the way. When you're packing and loading items into a moving truck with kids around, you may not be able to do a proper job so the boxes (and especially fragile pieces) may be at risk of damage when the truck is in transit to your new home. A professional removalist will assist with packing and truck loading so you can focus on taking care of your kids who may be distressed with the idea of an unfamiliar environment.

Moving day is hard for anyone, but it can be especially tough on kids – use these ideas to make it easier. For more information, contact your local house removals company.