Factors To Consider When Buying A Mattress

27 May 2020
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With so many mattress choices available, buying the right one can be overwhelming. This is particularly so if you are buying a mattress for the first time. Here are some guidelines to help you out.

Mattress Type and Material

There are five main types of mattresses: innerspring, memory foam, latex, adjustable, and hybrid. These mattresses differ in their lifespan, pressure relief, noise, heat retention, and availability. When choosing a mattress, you should always consider its features.

Firstly, innerspring mattresses come in different shapes and patterns, determining the level of comfort they provide. A memory foam mattress, on the other hand, conforms to your body's shape, which may lead to pressure. They also retain heat, which may be suitable for the elderly.

A latex mattress offers excellent responsiveness and tends to be cool. They are also dust-resistant, hence suitable for people with allergies. Adjustable mattresses are suitable for people with sleep disturbances or medical conditions. This is because you can adjust its angle and position to your level of comfort. Lastly, the hybrid mattress has a spring, memory foam, or a latex top. The combination of these features provides great comfort and support.

Mattress Firmness and Your Budget

Mattress firmness depends on your height, weight, and sleeping position. Side sleepers should choose a soft mattress that adjusts to their body's natural position. Medium soft is a choice if you frequently change your sleeping position because it conforms to every position. For those who sleep on their belly or suffer from back pain, the best choice is a firm mattress as it prevents one from sinking into it.

The cost of mattresses in Australia range between $300 to $5,000. Those under $500 are budget-friendly and built with no frills and extras. Those between $500 and $2,000 strike a balance between financial thrifty and long-term purchase value. Additionally, mattresses that are above $2,000 are considered premium and a long-term investment. Innerspring mattresses are the most affordable and may be available for below $1,000. Latex, hybrid, and airbed are more expensive and may go for anything above $1,000.

Summing It Up

The mattress type and firmness are some of the basic considerations you should make when purchasing a mattress. Therefore, conduct extensive research to familiarise yourself with the different types of mattresses. Also, consult with your health care provider if you suffer from back or neck pain. They will offer great insights on which type of mattress is right for you.

Furthermore, be guided by your budget and strike balance between your finances and comfort. Lastly, compare prices between shops to get the best deals.