Options When Deliberating on Installing Plantation Shutters in Your Home

4 February 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Although there is a myriad of styles of shutters and blinds that you can deliberate on for your residence, plantation shutters remain a top solution for many homeowners! These window furnishings are renowned for their classic elegance, which adds timeless appeal to any home irrespective of the interior design! Moreover, plantain shutters are also highly versatile, making them an ideal fit for a majority of rooms, from living spaces to the bedroom since they are ideal for enhanced privacy, light control and so on.

However, when shopping for plantation shutters, you should know that they are available in three main supplies. Your choice of material is critical, as this will influence the aesthetic value and functionality of the shutters. Check out the following couple of options when deliberating on installing plantation shutters in your home.

1. Timber plantation shutters

Undoubtedly, timber remains the staple material used to manufacture plantation shutters so much so that a good number of people think that this is the only material that these shutters are available in! And the use of timber is not coincidental. When it comes to effortless elegance, wood is the best option since it is available in a range of specifies, all which create varying unique characteristics. Whether you want a pale yellow timber or a rich deep-red wood, you can rest assured that you can find timber plantation shutters to complement the accents in your home.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of things to take note of when opting for timber as your choice material. For starters, most plantation shutters are manufactured from softwood timber, making them vulnerable to dents when exposed to high impact. Secondly, the timber variety works best in dry climatic conditions, as exposure to moisture or excessive humidity will lead to expansion and eventual damage to the timber.

2. Artificial plantation shutters

As the name implies, these shutters are manufactured from synthetic materials, mainly plastic and metal supplies. They are perfect for wet rooms, so if you are looking to install window treatments in your bathrooms, kitchen and so on, this would be your best bet. While they are manufactured with a timber core, the exterior casing is manmade. Contrary to popular belief, the artificial plantation shutters do not look tacky.

Innovation over the years has not only ensures that the shutters can be customised to mimic materials such as timber, but they are also available in a range of colours, louvre widths and sizes to ensure that they meet all your aesthetic needs. It is also worth noting that artificial plantation shutters require significantly less upkeep than their timber counterparts do, which makes them a convenient solution for the busy homeowner.