5 Reasons You Should Choose Electric Underfloor Heating

7 April 2021
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Too cold to walk around the house without a sweater? Not with electric underfloor heating. In fact, it is so effective that you do not have to worry about turning up the central heating and accidentally burning a hole in your purse. Now that is smart! Passive underfloor heating is warmer but it does not provide radiant heat like electric underfloor heating, which gently heats the objects in the room and people in contact with them.

1. It is environmentally friendly

Electric underfloor heating uses less energy than other radiators and can be turned on and off as needed. If you are the kind of person who likes to turn off the heat when there is no need for it, then you will love this feature. If you need to turn off the system at any time, just use the remote control. This way, electric underfloor heating is friendly to the planet.

2. It has a long life 

The system will last longer if your contractor installs it correctly from the start. They should also make sure that only high-quality components are used in order to prevent faults and malfunctions from occurring later on down the line.

3. It is affordable

Electric underfloor heating is very affordable and it does not need to pay until you have used it for a year. Some people think that electric underfloor heating is expensive when all they can afford is to put in an electric radiator to heat their rooms. However, once the system has paid itself off in a year or so, they are pleasantly surprised at how cheap it really was.

4. It is easy to install

The hardest part about installing electric underfloor heating is grouting your kitchen floor. This means that contractors and handymen will find this job very easy compared with installing a boiler outside your home. The system can be installed in a couple of hours and it can also be done by a DIY enthusiast.

5. Your family will love it

Not only is electric underfloor heating easy to install, but it is good fun too, especially if you like to do things with your hands. The whole family will enjoy watching the heating system slowly being installed and once it is up and running, electric underfloor heating leaves you in no doubt that it is doing the job it is meant for. 

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