Two Types of Rooms in Which Shutters Are a Great Window Dressing Choice

25 May 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Here are some examples of the types of rooms in which shutters are usually the most suitable window dressing.

Compact rooms

Making compact rooms in your home seem spacious can be a challenge. Aside from ensuring that you don't overfill them and that you keep them tidy, the next best thing you can do is choose an unobtrusive window dressing. Shutters are ideal in this respect, as they fit perfectly into the window recess, and unlike blinds or curtains, they won't waft around the limited nearby space when a breeze comes through the room's open window. Furthermore, whilst even a short set of curtains will use up wall space around a window, a set of internal shutters won't consume any space beyond the window recess.

This means that you can then utilise that wall space that surrounds the recess for things like shelves, artwork or storage hooks. This might then potentially lead to you being able to use this room in a way that better suits your life; for example, if you fit shutters that leave you with extra wall space, you might be able to hang a few floating shelves, put your book collection on them and turn this room into a tiny home library.

Rooms that children or pets hang out in

Shutters are also ideal for rooms in which your children or pets spend time. The reasons for this are as follows; firstly, because they're not made from fabric like other window dressings, they're much easier to clean. They won't absorb the drinks, mud or food that gets left on them by your child or pet, and so you can just wipe away this mess without having to, for example, spot-clean the window dressing with special fabric cleaning products or without having to take them down.

Secondly, you'll never have to worry about your pets or children accidentally pulling down the window dressing (as they could easily do to a curtain or a blind) as a result of grabbing it, as each shutter is very securely screwed into the frame. This is worth noting, as when, for example, a curtain and the pole it's on get pulled down, these items can damage nearby objects as they fall. Additionally, reattaching a pulled-down blind or pair of curtains is a huge hassle that can take a few hours (especially in instances where wall plaster around the curtain pole or blind brackets gets damaged during the accident).