How To Make Your Patio Blend In With Your House

2 August 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Patios are a great extension to the outside of your home and they can add a lot of value without costing very much, but only if they are done well. A poorly thought out patio can not only become an eyesore in a couple of years, but also be a place you simply do not want to spend time in, thereby being a total waste of effort. That is why getting it right the first time is so important when it comes to patios. Here are a few ways in which you can blend your patios into the design of your home better than simply picking out any old combination.

Similar Materials

When thinking of a patio look at the home you already have. Do you use a lot of wood in the construction of your house? Perhaps you have stone flooring in your kitchen. Whatever elements you have in your home you need to take inspiration from them and align the patio with these materials so that it feels like a cohesive transition from inside to outside. It is no good having an ultra-modern, minimalist interior and then a rustic, farm-yard oriented patio as it will be very jarring for all who visit.

Match The Colours

While colours do not have to be identical all over your patio, they should not clash with the primary colours of your roof and the walls and flooring of the interior of your house. To find out if the colour you have in mind matches with your home or not you can look at a colour wheel. In addition to similar colours, make sure the tones aren't too far apart either. Glossy finishes on a patio against a more matte house will look bizarre and vice versa.

Comfortable Layout

Do not plan the layout of your patio in isolation, as you may miss some very simple but important things when you finally get it built. For example, you might base the chairs and table in an area that will obstruct the view of the inside of the house, so it looks quite cluttered when you look outside. You may put the grill in a spot that gets rain constantly whipping in due to the roof being angled an odd way. You might even have the door to your patio in a spot that doesn't fully open because of a wall or features like a bookcase or a fridge. Always keep in mind how the finished product will look and feel when you come out from your home or you are liable to make these basic mistakes.