Pest Bird Infestation and Control

24 November 2021
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Birds are often a natural beauty. The chirping sounds they make in the early morning are a great reminder of nature's beauty despite the growing concrete jungle you live in. Sadly, these beauties can also be unwelcome guests and become a nuisance in your home and garden. They can interfere with some of your gardening and food production activities. Additionally, the waste disposed of on roofs, walls and other fittings creates an eyesore within the home. The following piece will teach you some crucial facts about pest bird infestationsand some of the control measures you can implement:

Notorious Pest Bird Species

It would be unfair to classify all birds in the pest bird category. There are some popular culprits, so it is best to take preventive action as soon as you realise that you are under potential attack. Pigeons, sparrows, seagulls and starlings are common pest birds. They can inhabit your home and wreak havoc through general structural deficiencies on the building or designated vents.

The Conducive Conditions

In some cases, your home may not be at risk of a pest bird infestation. However, some elements in your home can make things conducive for pest birds. Pooling water on the roof makes suitable watering points for pest birds, drawing them to your home in the process. Structural ledges and overhangs also make ideal places for pest birds to live and brood. You can seal them off and leave tiny spaces for ventilation. The spaces should be small to prevent any entry by the pest birds. Third, landscaping also plays a role in making your home conducive for pest birds. Avoid flowery plants known for attracting pest birds' attention. Leafy and plain plants would be a good option for high-risk areas.

Bird Pest Control

Bird pest control measures help you deal with the infestation problem when it happens. They are curative measures taken alongside some of the preventive techniques already mentioned earlier. They include:

  • Ultrasonic – Ultrasonic pest bird control involves using devices that give off soundwaves to ward off the pest birds. The devices produce pitched sounds similar to distress signals that irritate the birds. Thankfully, these sounds are not audible to humans, so you shouldn't worry about noise pollution in the home.
  • Physical methods – Physical methods work for a low-level pest bird infestation. Trained dogs can suffice alongside other home pets like cats. You can also use special spikes made from plastic or tin to ward off birds.
  • Visual elements – Visual elements such as scarecrows and shiny foils also come in handy. 

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