Three Landscaping Ideas to Consider for Your Garden

24 February 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


While lush greenery and colourful flowers create a beautiful backyard, you can enhance the space further with landscaping products. Here are three ideas to consider.

Garden Edging

One possibility is to edge your garden beds with stone or brick pavers. You could lay rectangular slate pavers edge to edge, adding a contrasting material to the plants and soil. If you want to highlight the stone's texture, lay the pavers on their end so the border is more prominent. Or else, set them decoratively so each paver rests diagonally on the previous one. As well as various types of stone, you could use bricks.

You just need to dig a trench, and you can lay the edging on a sand base or use cement. The border will help reduce maintenance and stop the lawn from growing over the garden beds. And it will block the soil or mulch from scattering over the grass. Depending on the layout of the garden beds, you'll be able to enjoy this enhancement all over the yard rather than just in one spot.

Stepping Stone Paths

Another idea is to use pavers and pebbles to create a stepping stone path. Opt for large square or rectangle pavers placed on a compacted crushed stone and sand base. You can then add the gravel in the colour of your choice. The pavers and pebbles can be combined to create various designs.

For example, lay square tan pavers in a simple grid pattern and fill the gaps with grey, cream and tan pebbles. Or set square pavers diagonally to form diamond shapes and combine them with dark charcoal stones.

A stepping stone path is a perfect way to add interest if your yard has simple grey concrete areas. Set grey pavers on a bed of light and dark grey and white pebbles. The repetition of the grey cement will tie the stepping stone path with the rest of the paving. You could alternatively contrast grey pavers with pebbles in warm brown shades.

Trellis Screening

Why not decorate your yard with a trellis that can serve diverse purposes? For example, install a classic white timber screen and encourage vines to spread across it. This setup will add privacy to a patio and stop neighbours from peering over the fence. Alternatively, you could give your yard a rustic look with a raw wood trellis. A smaller pattern will offer more privacy.

To give your patio an industrial edge, you could opt for a trellis made from thin black wire. Or choose a timber trellis with large contemporary squares. A trellis can help enclose an area and make it cozy, which you might want if you have a large backyard with an open lawn expanse.

For more information on landscaping products, contact a company near you.